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Mudbox tips for beginners

New to Mudbox? Knowing Maya or Max gives you a head start, but like all software, Mudbox has its own quirks.

I’ve assembled this list of Mudbox tips for beginners, based on my experience using the program since version 1. It should help you use the program more effectively! Continue reading Mudbox tips for beginners

Mudbox Character Sculpting: bodybuilder

Continuing the bodybuilder series, my Mudbox character sculpting tutorial lays out the process of creating detailed anatomy for a muscular character, a pretty standard piece that should be in every character artist’s portfolio.

Continue reading Mudbox Character Sculpting: bodybuilder

Mudbox Character Sculpting tutorial – CREATION

This multi-part tutorial will cover Mudbox character sculpting, adding high-resolution detail, painting textures, and more.  We begin with creating the basic shape of the character, and then detailing the character via sculpting! Continue reading Mudbox Character Sculpting tutorial – CREATION