mudbox character sculpting tutorial

Mudbox Character Sculpting – DETAILING

In part one of the Mudbox character sculpting tutorial, we focused on creating the base shape. Now our goal is creating super high-resolution detail, a must for a character sculpt to stand out in a portfolio.

Mudbox Character Sculpting

If you want to be a character artist, sculpting has become (IMO) the single most important skill to master. Art directors want to see high-res, detailed sculpts – not painted characters, but raw sculpts straight from your sculpting package.

Creating character detail that holds up to this level of scrutiny is difficult, this video series illustrates the techniques and tools that I use when creating my own characters.

Revisions and Transfer Details:

Understanding how to make changes to our character after it’s shape is complete is a vital skill. Bosses, clients, and teachers will all insist on revisions.

Part 2 focuses on how to add revisions seamlessly into your production pipeline, a vital skill for every single artist ever.

Sculpting High-Res Characters:

Video 3 shows how to create super high-res detail for our character’s surface. The challenge here is covering as much of the character’s surface with detail as possible, without spending forever doing it, and ending up with something cool. I show the techniques I use for Mudbox character sculpting – the Spray, Amplify, and Fill brushes speed the detailing process up!

Start now!

Practice makes perfect when it comes to sculpting characters. So get out there and start sculpting! And definitely share what you come up with!

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