how to make Borderlands style art

How to make Borderlands style art

Ever wonder how to make Borderlands style art in Photoshop and Mudbox? Look no further! I got around to creating a totally sweet VIDEO version of my original Borderlands art style tutorial.

Read the other post if you want to see words, because here is the

How to make Borderlands style art tutorial video:

A quick recap never hurt anyone though:

  • The style is primarily texture painted in Photoshop or whatever paint program you use. It’s not a shader hack or a quick cel-shading plug in.
  • I start from photos to make it easier to paint wrinkles, but you could skip that step!
  • I don’t go over normals creation. There is a bit of sculpting but you can check my other vids for that!
  • I go over adding black outlines in Maya using geometry with inverted normals for an easy solution. Other ways could be to use a toon shader or use a BRDF ramp.
  • Check out the original tutorial and see how I handle line weight. It’s a big factor in the overall style!

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  1. My God, dude…this is sooo awesome!!! Congratulations and I couldnt be more thankful enough for this tutorial..

  2. BBeautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! but…how did you accomplish mudbox to allow you to choose a paint layer of 8K???? it only goes up to 4096??

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