Maya complete BODYBUILDER BODY and HEAD modeling with complete textures tutorial


Part 1 of the bodybuilder character creation series goes in-depth with the character modeling process in Maya. Twice as long as the video on my YouTube channel, more time is spent discussing crucial topology and anatomy issues like the shoulder and the hips.

Part two of the bodybuilder character creation series is head modeling for animation – an in-depth look at this crucial modeling process in Maya. The face is an especially difficult region to nail – likenesses are hard to achieve and building topology to fit the complicated facial animation requirements is very challenging. In the video, I address both topics, talking about how to model the topology correctly, and then matching anatomy to the reference images used.

Video 3 covers CHARACTER TEXTURING in Mudbox! Mudbox makes it a snap to project high-quality photo-reference onto our models, quickly and easily creating ultra-realistic characters. This video shows the basics of projection painting, and then moves on to the advanced tricks that really make our textures stand out – blending and color matching, spot detailing, and even painting tricky areas like hands.