character modeling tutorial

Maya Character Modeling Tutorial

Part 2 – Hands, Feet, and Details

Upping mesh resolution.

In this next video I start looking at the smoothed mesh. I want to use Maya’s smooth proxy here (the ‘3’ key), rather than actually smoothing my mesh. Remember, the more verts I add to my model, the harder I have to work to make changes!

Hands and Feet:

This second video also covers creation of basic hands and feet. In a shocking twist, I don’t use cylinders! What do I use instead? Well you’ll just have to watch and find out. SUSPENSE!!!

Next page: the head and face, the biggest modeling challenge in the body!

7 thoughts on “Maya Character Modeling Tutorial”

  1. The links do not work at all. Could you please send me a youtube link to see how i can texture my model?

  2. Hello, James Taylor, I’m new to animation and have been trying to follow your video on modeling. Can you step by step explain to me how you model your character. I try following your video bit i can’t because you are too fast at it. Thank you

    1. Hi, try the extended cut character modeling videos on my site. They are basically slowed down by one half or more, and I go into more in-depth explanation.

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