Maya FEMALE BODY and HEAD modeling extended cut tutorial

Want to learn everything you need to know to model a basic FEMALE CHARACTER MODEL? This is your package.

PART 1 goes in depth tackling creation of the body mesh, this video goes in-depth with the character modeling process in Maya. Three times as long as the video on my YouTube channel, more time is spent elaborating on crucial topology creation issues, like the shoulder and the hips. And much more time is spent showing the anatomy creation process – which is absolutely vital to creating a compelling female body mesh!

PART 2 address the difficult challenge of face modeling in a simple and easy to follow method – that will leave you with a perfectly quadrangulated mesh! The focus here is on creating a properly topologized mesh – but also on creating an attractive and versatile face that can be reused again and again. Particular time is spent discussing anatomy tweaks and tips to get the right look.