character model downloads

Character artists rarely start from scratch with each project – the quickest and most efficient way to work is to use existing models, and modify those to create new characters! These character model downloads also provide a great hands-on learning experience – reverse engineering professional models is a good way to learn proper character modeling techniques!

DOWNLOAD completed bodybuilder mesh with textures icon


This is the result of the full BODYBUILDER character creation series! This is the option to choose for a complete character – with color textures and normal maps included, this character is ready to go as-is.

Included are a Maya 2015 MB file, 2 separate FBX versions of the mesh, and 4 high-res PNGs.


 download complete bodybuilder mesh icon

BODYBUILDER male character mesh only:

This option if for those who are just looking for the base mesh, with no textures. A good starting place for creating completely different character meshes.

This is the model as seen in the vids, complete with UV coordinates. Included are a Maya 2015 MB file, and a separate FBX version of the mesh.

download complete female character mesh icon

FEMALE character mesh:

The model featured in the female modeling video series, this is the full base mesh with completed UVs. This mesh is a great starting point for any female characters you’re creating.

Included are a Maya 2015 MB file, and a separate FBX version of the mesh, plus the textured eye and hair meshes.

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