Book 1-on-1 consultations for portfolio review and private instruction

Want professional feedback on your portfolio? Have a complicated problem you just can’t crack? Book a Skype session with me!

I offer two consulting services:

ART & PORTFOLIO Review: $15.99 per 20 minute session

I will view your artwork and provide feedback based on my experience as a professional art director and a long-time educator. We’ll identify weak spots in your presentation and discuss solutions. And we’ll focus on what you’re doing right, so you know where to beat spend your time! You will come away with an action plan on how to markedly improve your portfolio!

If you have an online portfolio, include the link in the comments section of the checkout form!

Private INSTRUCTION: $25.99 per 30 minute session

In this longer 30 minute session, you can┬áreceive private instruction on the topic of your choice, address technical or art problems that you just can’t solve, or get experienced feedback on the art you’re currently engaged with. I’ll share my desktop with you so we can work in concert on the issue, and I will be able to guide you to correct the issue. This means you’ll receive detailed guidance and private instruction tailored to your needs!

Make sure to specify the problem you’re having in the comments section!

Make sure to include your Skype account name in the notes if it is different than your email address.

Please note! all times are US Central time (UTC -5 or -6)! Please book at least a week in advance, or check with me first.

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