environment UVs

Environment UVs

Creating environment UVs isn’t hard, per se. It’s usually just planar UV projections on flat surfaces. The trick is properly creating UVs that take advantage of tiling textures. Here’s  a short video that lays out what you need to know!

Brick walls, sidewalks, concrete, etcetera

If you need a primer on UV basics, check my other UV tutorial. That tutorial goes more in-depth on using Maya’s UV unwrapping tools.

This tutorial focuses on environment UVs, and assumes you already know that stuff.

Other kinds of environment UVs and textures

I don’t mention decals or overlay textures, at all. A tiling texture is usually missing out on those kinds of details – and to use them we usually end up with multiple UV sets. I’ll tackle those topics in the future!

Environment art series

In a production environment, the techniques here would be preceded by my post on blocking out a level. The next step would be creating tiling textures.


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