Bodybuilder EXTENDED CUT videos + IMAGE PLANES

This package includes all 3 bodybuilder EXTENDED CUT tutorial videos PLUS the body and head IMAGE PLANES! It’s everything you need to learn how to create your own muscle-bound superheroes!

The best part – you’ll save more than 25% off than buying these assets separately!

PART 1 illustrates the body creation process using a stream-lined cylinder-based creation technique

maya bodybuilder character modeling video download icon

PART 2 shows how to model a high resolution and complex head – great for capturing actual likenesses of your subject matter!

maya bodybuilder character HEAD modeling video download icon

PART 3 shows the projection texturing process in Mudbox. The results you get will look sophisticated and photoreal, but the work you put in will feel much easier!

mudbox bodybuilder character texturing video download icon

And included are ALL the IMAGE PLANES used to model the character, AS WELL as the HIGH RES  PHOTO REFERENCE you’ll need to texture the character in Mudbox!

bodybuilder high res photos download icon

elle HEAD image planes

female character modeling HEAD image planes download icon


The head has more detail than the rest of the body combined. It’s crucial to have high-res detail here, to catch tiny features of the face that smaller photos miss – and this is just the kind of detail these images have!

These front and side image planes are matched up with each other, meaning all you have to do is import them into your modeling software.

Instant digital download, get modeling!

elle BODY image planes

female character modeling image planes download icon


High quality body photos, these image planes were shot and edited specifically for character modeling.

Included are a front view and a side view image, matched to each other to ensure you can hit the ground running, without any setup time.

Stored as JPGs to reduce file size and keep your video card and 3D software happy. Download instantly and start modeling!

bodybuilder IMAGE PLANES

The IMAGE PLANES used for the bodybuilder tutorial series. Both body and head image planes are included!


  • 2 Front view JPG images
  • 2 Side view JPG images
  • saved at 72 dpi for optimal realtime performance in your 3D viewport