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Bodybuilder EXTENDED CUT videos + IMAGE PLANES

This package includes all 3 bodybuilder EXTENDED CUT tutorial videos PLUS the body and head IMAGE PLANES! It’s everything you need to learn how to create your own muscle-bound superheroes!

The best part – you’ll save more than 25% off than buying these assets separately!

PART 1 illustrates the body creation process using a stream-lined cylinder-based creation technique

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PART 2 shows how to model a high resolution and complex head – great for capturing actual likenesses of your subject matter!

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PART 3 shows the projection texturing process in Mudbox. The results you get will look sophisticated and photoreal, but the work you put in will feel much easier!

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And included are ALL the IMAGE PLANES used to model the character, AS WELL as the HIGH RES  PHOTO REFERENCE you’ll need to texture the character in Mudbox!

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