elle: female character reference images & downloads

Here are the downloadables for my female character modeling series:

elle character downloads iconThis is another series of high quality image reference photos. We shot Elle in a professional studio with lots of lighting, to create very evenly lit, high resolution photographs.


download complete female character mesh icon

the completed Maya CHARACTER MODEL file:

A great way to learn is to reverse engineer existing models like this one. Also a good starting place for creating completely different character meshes.

This is the model as seen in the modeling video series, complete with UV coordinates. Included are a Maya 2015 MB file, and a separate FBX version of the mesh, plus the textured eye and hair meshes.


female character modeling image planes download icon

elle body IMAGE PLANES:

High quality body photos, these image planes were shot and edited specifically for character modeling.

Included are a front view and a side view image, matched to each other to ensure you can hit the ground running, without any setup time.

Stored as JPGs to reduce file size and keep your video card and 3D software happy. Download instantly and start modeling!


female character modeling HEAD image planes download icon

elle HEAD image planes:

The head has more detail than the rest of the body combined. It’s crucial to have high-res detail here, to catch tiny features of the face that smaller photos miss  – and this is just the kind of detail these images have!

These front and side image planes are matched up with each other, meaning all you have to do is import them into your modeling software.

Instant digital download, get modeling!


Transactions are handled by Paypal. A receipt email will be sent with your download link. Contact me if there are any problems!