bodybuilder downloads: character meshes, textures, and reference images

bodybuilder character modeling downloads iconThe same image planes, high-resolution photo reference, and completed character models and textures are now available for you to use to follow along with the Bodybuilder series of videos!

The reference photos are from a private studio shoot that I directed to achieve the highest possible image resolution, and the most even possible lighting coverage.

The photos were captured at 4000 x 6000 pixels , at 300 dpi, ensuring the results are suitable for both modeling and texturing reference!

The character models are the same models created in the videos, complete with UV mapping. Full diffuse and normal map textures are also available!


DOWNLOAD completed bodybuilder mesh with textures icon


The character model is also available with complete DIFFUSE & NORMAL MAP TEXTURES. This is the complete model, after the texturing and sculpting phases are largely complete!

This is the exact same  model as seen in the Mudbox character sculpting video, a completed mesh in Maya with full diffuse and normal map textures. Included are a Maya 2015 MB file, 2 separate FBX versions of the mesh, and 4 high-res PNGs.



bodybuilder head and body image planes download icon

IMAGE PLANES for modeling:

These are the same image planes I used in the Bodybuilder character creation series of videos. Grab these to get started following along with the video  immediately!

The BODY image planes show enough detail for the modeler to accurately capture the anatomy of the subject. And the HEAD image planes are zoomed in so that enough detail is visible to ensure proper modeling of the features of the face.

Included are front view and side view images for the body and head region – all are JPGs to reduce file size and keep your video card and 3D software happy. Perfect for modeling!


bodybuilder high res photos download icon

HIGH RES source photos:

These are the high-resolution source photos for the model – front, side, back, three quarters views, everything is here! These are the same photos I projected on to the character mesh in my Mudbox character texturing video to create the character’s seamless, high-res color textures.

There are 8 images, saved at the full resolution of 4000×6000, 300 dpi, for full 360 degree coverage of the model.

Also included are 7 extra separate detail shots for the hands and feet, for a total of 15 reference images!

These are high-resolution images, perfect for creating image planes and making extremely detailed, high-quality textures.


download complete bodybuilder mesh icon

the completed Maya CHARACTER MODEL file:

Or you can skip the modeling process and download the completed character model! A great way to learn is to reverse engineer existing models like this one. Also a good starting place for creating completely different character meshes.

This is the model as seen in the vids, complete with UV coordinates. Included are a Maya 2015 MB file, and a separate FBX version of the mesh.

Transactions are handled by Paypal. A receipt email will be sent with your download link. Contact me if there are any problems!