Want to become a game artist? Specialize!

When I was looking to become a game artist back in the day, things were easy. Not many people knew the software, and even fewer were actually good artists! Breaking into the game industry then meant I was hired as an ‘artist’ – a catch-all position that meant that I would be doing a little of everything.

Nowadays the landscape is  completely different. Competition for game jobs is absolutely cut-throat. On top of that, 3D art is becoming every more complicated! How can a noob possibly make it?  Continue reading Want to become a game artist? Specialize!

Reader request: character artist degrees versus portfolio?

From reader Ashan, a question about character artist degrees and portfolio work:

I was hoping you could  provide some answers for questions I’ve been having – if I wanted to become a character artist, would a degree in digital art/art be more valuable than a solid portfolio?

So: are character artist degrees more important than a portfolio?

Continue reading Reader request: character artist degrees versus portfolio?

Joints or Blendshapes?

Reader Ric Williams emailed me a raft of questions about animation with blendshapes versus joints, mostly for facial animation. I thought I would post my answers here, as others might find them helpful!

Q1: When is it best to use joints or blendshapes?

Historically, it used to be that blendshapes meant pre-rendered, and joints were used for real-time stuff. Continue reading Joints or Blendshapes?

is a t-pose for characters a good idea?

The common thinking is that starting with a T-Pose for characters is the best way of building a model. However, after years of experience, I don’t use a T-Pose any more.  In fact, I think modeling in a T-Pose is a terrible idea, and results in characters that don’t look right or deform correctly. Why?

Continue reading is a t-pose for characters a good idea?

Mudbox tips for beginners

New to Mudbox? Knowing Maya or Max gives you a head start, but like all software, Mudbox has its own quirks.

I’ve assembled this list of Mudbox tips for beginners, based on my experience using the program since version 1. It should help you use the program more effectively! Continue reading Mudbox tips for beginners

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